Agile Retrospective Examples: Directions for running this Play

  1. Prep 15 MIN
    Agile Retrospective Examples: For remote groups, begin by making another coordinated effort report, similar to a Confluence page or a Trello board. For help, see the layouts (above)

For in-person groups, track down a whiteboard or enormous paper, and set out Post-It notes and markers in a gathering room. On the page, board, paper, or whiteboard, make three segments with the headings “What we got along admirably”, “What we can improve”, and “Activities”.

Furthermore, if conceivable, get a nonpartisan outsider to assist with working with the gathering. This will empower more noteworthy interests and uncover more bits of knowledge. Agile Retrospective Examples:

Review Confluence Template

Running this Play from a distance? Utilize this free Retrospective layout to direct the discussion and catch your meeting’s result. Agile Retrospective Examples:

Open in Confluence

  1. Set the stage 5 MIN
    Try not to make it individual, don’t think about it literally
    Tune in with a receptive outlook
    Everybody’s experience is substantial
    Put down the point in the time period you’re examining (last run, last quarter, whole task, and so on.)
    Center around progress, as opposed to finding fault

In the event that you’ve run a Retrospective beforehand, immediately return to the subjects and activities from the last chance to fabricate a feeling of coherence. Agile Retrospective Examples:


Adjust the guidelines to accommodate your group’s one-of-a-kind necessities. Add anything you think will assist your group with moving along.

Characterize how the data will be talked about after the Play. Will it be imparted to the initiative? Consider taking on the Chatham House Rule.

  1. What we did well 15 MIN
    Utilizing either a computerized whiteboard or an actual one, have each colleague record what the group got along nicely, one thought for every note. Post the notes, and assemble comparative or copy thoughts together. Examine everyone momentarily collectively.
  2. What we can improve 10 MIN
    Having everybody record their thought process can be improved, with one thought for each note. Post the notes, and gather comparable or copy thoughts together. Examine each subject collectively.


Assuming the conversation is overwhelmed by a couple of individuals, the facilitator ought to step in and approach others prior to continuing.

  1. Activities 10 MIN
    Have everybody conceptualize moves that can be initiated to further develop trouble spots, with one thought for each note.

Post the notes and gather comparable or copy thoughts. Examine every thought collectively, and allocate proprietors to these activities and due dates as the need should arise.


Assuming any of the things to do have relating Jira issues, remember connections to them for the page so seeing their status is simple.

Integrate activities from the review into your every day, whether it’s in stand-ups or the week-after-week group notices.


Challenge action items
Are follow-up assignments being finished, or neglected? Is it true that you are getting to the base of your concerns? Could an alternate arrangement of exercises assist you with digging further? Reviews can be tweaked — make them your own!


Recent months map
Make a timetable spreading over the beyond two months and have colleagues get down on huge occasions. Doing this toward the beginning of the Play revives everybody’s memory and sets the stage.

Spot casting a ballot Agile Retrospective Examples:

On the off chance that a ton of thoughts arise in the “Activities” class, vote on which ones you’ll promptly focus on.

Assuming you’re utilizing Trello, have the group vote on the three thoughts they might want to see at the first spot on the list by adding their face to the card (alternate route: float + space). Select proprietors for the top-casted ballot things.

For in-person gatherings, everybody snatches a marker and puts a speck on their best three inclinations. Count up the dabs and follow the same step as above.

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