How to Make the Most of Your Google Smart Speaker

If you don’t already know what a smart speaker is, then you should definitely have a read of this article. Initially, the Amazon Echo was featuring the infamous Alexa voice assistant, and if you’re aware of that, then you very well know what the device is capable of. Similarly, Google has over time entered the market with its own version of a voice assistant, the Google Assistant. And you find that it is featured in Google’s own smart devices.

We’ll have you know, that Google Assistant is a top contender just like Alexa. Google’s version of a voice assistant is compatible with pretty much all Google smart devices and then some other brands too. So if you were to get a google home smart speaker with google assistant here’s everything you would be able to do.

Everything You Can Do With a Google Smart Speaker

  1. Control Smart Devices

First things first, every smart speaker is always known for enabling voice control over connected smart devices. Ideally, smart devices are remotely controlled through their associated mobile app – where you can access your device even if you’re away. But when synced to a Google smart speaker, it can enable voice control for these devices.

You could be occupied with making dinner and just call out to the Google Assistant to resume playing the Netflix show on your smart TV, so you can watch while you cook.

Similarly, it’s not only about controlling smart devices in real-time. Google Assistant can set schedules for your devices to operate. If you need the LED lights in the backyard to switch on at 7 p.m. every day, then Google Assistant has that covered for you – just leave one voice command!

  • Send Texts and Receive Calls

Google smart speakers can sync to your smartphones because after all, they are smart devices too. And once synced to your smartphones, it makes it so much easier to send texts to find a contact from your list and call them – all the while when you can’t actually pick up the phone and do it yourself.

The Google Assistant can not only announce notifications as received on your phone and read out your texts and emails but also type replies on your behalf and make navigating your phone easy. It makes multitasking so much easier since you can virtually use your phone while also carrying on with the task at hand – literally.

  • Set Personal Reminders and Schedules

Let’s just put it this way, Google Assistant is practically like a virtual assistant for your home. For each voice that it can recognize, it can set personal reminders and schedules for different individuals within the household. And speak up to remind whoever is necessary.

When you have a house full already, it can be tough to remember details of every person’s schedule –what day the soccer practice has been rescheduled to, when the next swimming lesson is, and what time the dentist’s appointment is on the weekend. Oftentimes, parents can mix up dates and events given the hectic schedules each person within the household has. The Google Assistant is here to sort out all the details and remind you in a timely manner.

  • Browse the Net

Other than assisting by connecting to your other smart devices within the household, Google Assistant is also useful for carrying out internet searches. For the times you don’t want to grab the laptop or double check the spelling or some facts right there and then, just call out to your Google Assistant and let it search the internet for you.

All Google smart speakers connect to the Wi-Fi just like any other smart device in order to actually work like it’s meant to. And with that, it also utilizes the internet to act as a virtual browser source for you.

  • Play Music

Last but not least, Google smart speakers are great for playing music. Each Google smart speaker features a rich round with deep bass, which can fill up a room with quality sound. After all, it is a speaker – only that it features a voice assistant that does the added work.

Any Google smart speaker, with the help of Google Assistant, can play music from across the millions of options on YouTube, or any other music apps like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.

The Best Google Smart Speakers

Here are 2 of Google’s best smart speakers that feature Google Assistant.

  • Google Nest Audio
    Retail Price: $99.99

  • Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker

Retail Price: $49.00

Where to Find Them

Google’s smart speakers, featuring the Google Assistant as we already mentioned are compatible with all Google devices and some of those of other brands as well. Should you choose to add one of these speakers to your home, rest assured their design is compact and would fit right into any living space.

Find them here at

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