Top 5 Emulators For Your iOS

To develop apps for your iPhone, you should use an emulator. Using an emulator will allow you to run any iOS application and see how it looks on your device. Once you’ve found an emulator that works well for your needs, download it! This article discusses some of the best options: Appetize, RunThatApp, Corellium, Xamarin TestFlight, and Xcode.


If you’re looking for an iOS emulator for Android, the Appetize Emulator is a perfect choice. This emulator works on virtually every Android device. With its HTML 5 and JavaScript compatibility, this emulator runs seamlessly online without any hitches. Moreover, you don’t need to install the software or grant your device root privileges to use it. And with a simple interface, it’s easy to use.

If you’re a developer, you’ll be happy to know that you can use Appetize for free. This program’s developer-friendly interface makes it perfect for testing your iOS app. It has been downloaded millions of times and has thousands of happy users. It’s also compatible with other devices, which makes it an excellent choice for developers. Moreover, you can even download iOS apps on your PC.


iOS emulators can simulate the UI of your iOS device to develop and test applications. These emulators are typically slower than the actual device, but they are very useful for app developers. Most are free, while others require a fee. Some of these applications can be downloaded for free, and others may not be. The choice is entirely up to you. This article discusses five of the best iOS emulators for Windows.

RunThatApp is an iOS emulator for Windows. This emulator does no plugins or javascript. You can run iOS apps in your PC’s browser using HTML 5. RunThatApp also allows you to upload your iOS Apps for testing. To do this, create a zip file and upload it to the emulator.


Corellium is an excellent emulator for Mac that allows you to emulate the functionality of iOS, tvOS, and watchOS. It has a free trial option and premium plans that cost $99 and up. Another excellent option is XCode, which is Apple’s phone development environment. It provides a suitable working environment, the necessary tools, and more. XCode also allows you to emulate multiple user interactions.

As one of the most reliable iOS emulators, Corellium was originally designed for enterprises, but now it is free for private users. This browser-based tool is compatible with all operating systems. Its advanced features include support for multiple resolutions, Bluetooth keyboard support, and full multitouch support. While it may be a bit more complicated to use, Corellium is worth the wait and is worth trying.

Xamarin TestFlight

There are many benefits of using Xamarin TestFlight for your iOS app development. It is an official Apple emulator that can run apps on the Windows platform. Because of its robust configuration, high-end coding techniques, and easy-to-use UI, it eliminates the complication of the application development process. However, Xamarin TestFlight is not free, and it only supports iOS 8.0.

This iOS emulator is highly rated by users and supports all windows. It’s easy to download and apply to both Windows and Mac platforms. It performs numerous iOS-related tasks. It’s better suited to skilled programmers. Because it’s limited to iOS 8.0 and above, it’s best suited for developers familiar with iOS development. However, Xamarin TestFlight is not compatible with iOS 7.1 and earlier.

Xamarin TestFlight is a paid iOS emulator that mimics the real iOS experience. However, it comes with limitations. Despite being able to emulate the real iOS interface, it doesn’t allow you to use the Apple App Store. Moreover, you can’t install default apps in the emulator. If you need to develop for the iPhone, Xamarin TestFlight is your best choice. And if you wish to learn more about how you can play games on different devices, you can read more about that topic here.

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