Is the Bathtub Pillow Headrest Worth It: 7 Surprising BenefitsIs the Worth It: 7 Surprising Benefits

Everyone deserves a means of relaxing, no matter what it is that they do for a living or how much responsibility rests on their shoulders every day. Maybe that moment of taking solace in being able to be by yourself can give you that opportunity to clear your mind of the overload of distractions that demand your attention at any given moment and look inward to find a little piece of peace and tranquility. One wonderful way to achieve that zen state of stillness is by enjoying a warm bath.

But enjoying a bath is not always as simple as just stepping into the bathroom to do it. The most common difficulty of having a bath can be finding a comfortable position to sit in or relax for an extended period of time. The least you want to experience is having an uncomfortable position leading to added fatigue and strain on your head, spine, and neck. 

Give yourself a simple solution to this possible issue by using a waterproof bathtub pillow headrest to help you take a bath in peace and to be able to take advantage of the eight benefits of a bathtub pillow that we have listed for you below. 

Keeps Safe from Back Pain

If you fall into the category of people who are coping with consistent back pain, it has been proven that using a bathtub pillow headrest could be the answer when you are in need of lowering discomfort in your bathtub. Ease yourself into a relaxing position to truly enjoy the process of taking a bath instead of putting up with the punishment of back pain. 

Reduces Muscle Pains

An additional benefit of bath pillows headrests is that they can assist with the easing of pain that can be weighing heavy on your joints and muscles. Take pleasure in knowing that, in many situations, bath pillows are constructed clearly to address and mitigate pain in multiple parts of the body to make bathing a much more painless process. 

Posture Improvement

Along with soothing the pain, bath pillows can also potentially improve your body posture by stimulating it to curve in the proper position and decrease any unneeded pressure on your back when you are taking a bath. 


The most suitable way to unwind is by enjoying a cozy bath with warm water to brighten up your mood. But before you set into a state of leisurely bliss, use a bath pillow and get yourself in a comfortable posture to ensure your ability to relax. You can add additional elements to the experience, such as scented oils or bath bombs, along with calming music to make your bathroom feel like your personal spa. 

Sanitary Pillow

One more benefit to using bath pillow headrests is that it whips you up to keep your bathtub sanitary and properly washed. Why might you ask? The reason being that using a bath pillow and not regularly keeping it clean by washing it after every time you use it can possibly lead to the formation of bacteria. 

Washing your pillow is important so it does not hold onto your skin and makes it dry. Washing also helps to keep the odors or moisture at bay. If you have concerns about forgetting to wash  or clean your pillow, then look into purchasing a waterproof bathroom pillow. 

Comfort from Aches

If you are a person who typically faces severe back pain, you are probably already aware of the fact that staying for too long in the bath can potentially lead to a troublesome or annoying experience caused by increased pains and aches. This is an important reason why making use of a bath pillow can make your life a whole lot easier and more relaxing. You can help cushion your neck and back in order to transform your bath time into an experience with less stress, discomfort, and tension. 

Bathing is a moment of relaxation and a therapy of healing after a long and tiring day. A bath pillow during a hot tub can give your body the opportunity to destress and relax without the pressure of the clock ticking. 


A lot of people may roll up a towel to make a make-shift headrest to relax in the bathtub. This may sound like a sound, cost-effective answer to the issue of comfort, but it is not without its downsides. Don’t forget that a towel is not going to remain attached to the walls of your bathtub while you are bathing. Also, a towel is going to change its shape during the course of your bath, leading to it needing to be frequently readjusted, making it difficult to actually sit and relax. 

Don’t do more work for yourself with a wet towel when you can have a dry bathtub pillow headrest instead that is actually made for the task that you need it for. Bath pillows include various suction cups to stick them to the edge of bathtubs to be slip-resistant.

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