New changes to the Cisco Certification and Training Program

Cisco Certification: The new Cisco 2.0 Certification Program includes examinations for all levels of competence, including CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE, which are now accessible as part of the program’s launch. In addition, the new Dev Net and Specialist certification examinations are also available for purchase.

Whether you are preparing for the examinations or you want to upskill and maintain your existing certification via Cisco’s Continuing Education program, you may enroll in one of the suggested Cisco training courses mentioned below to help you succeed. Each level of competence – Associate, Specialist, Professional, and Expert – has its own set of prerequisites for passing the appropriate exams.

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This page explains all you need to know about the Cisco Certified Internetwork Wireless Certification 2.0, often known as Cisco Next-Level Certifications, in one convenient place.

Cisco Associate Level Certification and Training Program is a certification and training program for Cisco Associates.

In order to better match the changing needs of the information technology sector, associate-level certification programs have been updated. These courses give the knowledge and abilities that every networking expert needs in order to properly handle cutting-edge network systems.

CCNA Associate Certification is a certification that allows you to work with Cisco routers and switches. Cisco Certification

The new CCNA credential now recognizes a broader variety of abilities and expertise. Security, automation, and programmability components have been added to the mix in addition to network basics. It was formerly necessary to pass numerous tests to acquire a CCNA, but now you may choose whatever path you choose for your professional life with this shift.

The new CCNA exam, which has been updated to reflect the most recent technology and job positions, examines your knowledge and abilities in Network and Security Fundamentals, Network Access, IP Connectivity, IP Services, Automation, and Programmability, among other areas.

Certification as a Dev Net Associate: Cisco Certification

The Dev Net Associate is part of Cisco’s Associate Level Program, which also includes the Dev Net Engineer. Obtaining the Cisco Certified Dev Net Associate certification recognizes key emerging technical skills for a new kind of IT professional, enabling organizations to fully realize the potential of applications, automation, and infrastructure for networks, the Internet of Things, DevOps, and the Cloud, among other things.

The Dev Net Associate Program certifies individuals who have shown proficiency in software development and design, encompassing APIs, Cisco Platforms, Application Development, Security Infrastructure, and Automated Systems. It is aimed at software developers, DevOps engineers, automation experts, and other professionals in the software industry.

Dev Net Associate certification has no formal requirements; however, you should have a thorough comprehension of the test contents and some prior experience with software development and Python programming to be considered for certification by Sprintzeal.

Cisco Certified Specialist Certification and Training Program

Whether you wish to concentrate on various areas of specialization or seek CCNP or CCIE certification, you will now be recognized for your achievements at every stage of the process. For passing each of the professional and expert level tests, you will be awarded a Cisco Certified Specialist badge, which confirms your knowledge of a certain technology.

Certification as a Dev Net Specialist

To become a Cisco Dev Net Specialist, you must complete one test from the Cisco Dev Net Professional certification program. By becoming a Cisco Certified Dev Net Specialist, you can make certain that your qualifications are aligned with your professional interests and employment objectives.

The Cisco Professional Level Certification and Training Program are designed for Cisco professionals.

On the professional level, you may choose the core technology you want to study more about to further personalize your learning path. These options include Dev Net Professional, CCNP Enterprise, CCNP Collaboration, CCNP Data Center, CCNP Security, and CCNP Service Provider, just to name a few.

Two examinations are needed to get a Cisco Professional Certification: the mandatory core exam and a focused exam of your choosing. In contrast to the core examinations, which test your general understanding of technology, the concentration exams test your knowledge of developing and industry-specific issues such as network design, SD-WAN, wireless, and automation, among others.

Certification as a Dev Net Professional

You may get the Cisco Certified Internetwork Wireless  Dev Net Professional certification if you have shown your proficiency in building and managing applications based on Cisco platforms. The program, which is a first of its type at Cisco, validates important emerging technical abilities for information technology professionals and prepares them for the employment responsibilities of the future.

Every test in the Dev Net Professional program leads to the awarding of a specific Specialist certification, ensuring that you are acknowledged for your efforts throughout the program.

Dev Net Professional, like Dev Net Associate, has no formal qualifications; nonetheless, you should have a thorough comprehension of the test subjects and three to five years of experience in software development to be successful (including Python).

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