Best Online Shopping Site for Clothes

Online shopping site The pandemic undeniably has acted as a catalyst to revolutionize the clothing e-Commerce industry. This popular trend has led to the growth of some of the best online shopping site for clothes. It’s hard to keep up with changing trends. But these online stores cater to all your needs by offering an enormous variety of clothing on a single platform.

This is convenient for time-constrained people as people have no time to browse through multiple stores looking for clothes they actually want to buy. One can supplement this experience by utilizing the coupon codes of shopping sites like

  • Myntra,
  • Urbanic,
  • Tata Cliq,
  • Ajio, and Reliance Trends. We at CouponsWala brings you the biggest saving offers and discounts on your favorite online shopping sites for clothes with Urbanic coupon, Ajio offers and more such deals.
Best Online Shopping Site for Clothes


Myntra is India’s fashion hub as it has different clothing, from ethnic wear to denim shorts and slit dresses, from dating to office outfits. Myntra got you covered with its versatile range of fashion wear. Moreover, Myntra offers numerous discounts to fit your favorite picks into your pockets, which brand stores may not offer. The services of Myntra won’t leave you disappointed, as well as the clothes pricing. With Couponswala you can earn additional reductions on your purchases.

The prevalent price cuts that Myntra provides are

  • Flat ₹400 off + free shipping on the first order
  • Flat 35% off on orders over ₹1250
  • Up to 50% off on H&M
  • Extra ₹600 off on unique brands
  • Flat ₹300 off on select style


Urbanic is a trend hub popular among influencers and people seeking a sleek look. Dresses from Urbanic outshine the set trends giving you trendy and on-point looks for parties, dates, and hangouts. Accommodating exclusive trends and ethereal dresses into your wardrobe can’t always be pocket friendly. That much we all know, but have you before known it’s possible with Urbanic? Well, you might be mistaken if you think it’s going to be expensive as Urbanic nowadays is offering some great deals. 

  • 20% off for orders above ₹500 on the first order
  • ₹1000 off for orders above ₹4500 on the first order through the app
  • 25% off on your first order
  • ₹600 off for orders over ₹3000
  • ₹300 off for orders over ₹2000


TATA cliq is an ecommerce site with fabulous clothing options to buy from. So if you’re someone who seeks class and elegance, TATA Cliq is the place for you. TATAcliq is one of the best online shopping site for clothes, and its outfits range from ₹500 to ₹15000 and let you explore every top brand on one site. However, looking classy and trendy may cost you a fortune. 

The popular discounts provided by TATAcliq are:

  • 30% off during the festive season
  • 70% off on ethnic wear
  • 75% off on western wear
  • 60 % off on winter wear


Ajio is a one-stop site to shop for all the premium brands. It provides a platform for brands to address their customer class. It is the cultural center of India, where fashionable ethnic clothing outperforms current fashions. Ajio is among the best online shopping site for clothes. It serves the convenience of the customers by offering premium brands at discounted prices and a large selection of all clothing options. 

The in-demand discounts offered by Ajio are:

  • 70% off on Denim
  • Up to 40% off on Premium brands
  • Up to 70% off on Marks and Spencers 
  • Up to 60% off on PUMA

Reliance Trends

Reliance Trends is one of the best online clothing shopping sites for street-style looks. Trends provided you with oversized tees and ripped jeans for your perfect insta street style fit; outfits from trends range from ₹300 to ₹10000 and leave you with many options to experiment with your looks. However, looking gorgeous can’t always be pocket friendly, so make effective use of discounts provided by Reliance Trends. 

Reliance Trends provides a variety of popular deals, including:

  • 30% off on new arrival
  • 45% off on denim jackets
  • 50% off on winter wear
  • 20% off on men’s T-shirts
  • 10% off on office blazers


Q.1. Which is the best low-price online shopping site?

Ans- There is no particular low-price website, but the websites mentioned above provide discounts accessible through coupon wala coupon codes. 

Q.2. Which is the No.1 online clothes shopping app in India?

Ans-  The ranking may vary depending on the different aspects of the stores. While Myntra provides a versatile range, Tata Cliq has elegant services. Therefore, finding no.1 is will depend on specific criteria. 

Q.3. Which online site is best for the dress?

Ans- Urbanic and Myntra is the best site to buy dresses. However, one can’t deny that other sites also have some fabulous options that Urbanic and Myntra may not offer. 

Q.4. Where can I buy trendy clothes online in India?

Ans- Myntra is the trend center of India, whereas sites like Ajio, Urbanic, TATAcliq, and Reliance Trends also has some fantastic trendy collection.

Q.5. Are return policies of online sites reliable?

Ans- Sites have their T&Cs regarding the return policy; ensure that you read the T&Cs carefully before buying any product. 

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